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The Gong works on all levels, from the physical to the mental-emotional and spiritual to heal and transform. The almost tangible to the touch sound waves of the Gong can promote immediate and great positive change in the listener.

Gong Therapy [?] Gong Yoga Therapy [?]
The Gong therapy uses vibration to cover all human frequencies and energy centers. Produces relaxing benefits similar to meditation, exercise, and breathing but without physical or mental effort (gong does the work).  Recommended for releasing stress, clearing negative thought patterns and strengthening the nervous system. The Gong Yoga Therapy requires your active participation. Pranayam [breathing exercises] and kriyas [kundalini yoga set] or asanas are used to prepare the body and mind for a deeper effect of the gong bath. This session is tailored to the needs of the client.
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arrow_small.gif 1 session - 62 minutes - $45 purchase now
arrow_small.gif 3 sessions - 62' each - $125 purchase now
arrow_small.gif 6 sessions - 62' each - $220 purchase now
arrow_small.gif 10 sessions - 62' each -$299 purchase now

arrow_small.gif 1 session - 62 minutes - $65 purchase now
arrow_small.gif 3 sessions - 62' each - $185 purchase now
arrow_small.gif 6 sessions - 62' each - $360 purchase now
arrow_small.gif 10 sessions - 62' each -$499 purchase now


 "One of the significant features of the gong- says the Director of Training Gurucharan Singh- is the interactive nature of the sounds it produces. The gong produces a note projected against a background spectrum of notes. Each note interacts with the background. They alter each other. This creates a complex, non-linear pattern that interweaves the sense of the whole with the sense of the part. You can feel this in your body when you listen to the gong. The entire body vibrates and changes as specific areas of the body are pressed and stimulated by the waves of the gong. Whatever the relationship was between your body parts and the whole of the body, it is challenged and transformed by a good gong session. The chakras usually act in concert, functioning in pairs and trios not alone and singular. The gong helps the chakras to interrelate and coordinate. They are freed from emotional patterns that lessen their fluidity and responsiveness."


 Gong Therapeutic effects on Body, Mind & Spirit  


1. The sonic touch of the Gong can be a healing touch, having excellent results with people recovering from a wide range of symptoms from stress-related conditions to chronic pain and arthritis:

-Relieving neck pain
-Menstrual difficulties
-Cramping in the chest and upper respiratory system
-Reduces muscle pain
-Improves joint flexibility and range of motion

2. Creates deep relaxation and clears the mind

3. Immediate reduction in stress and anxiety
4. Stimulates the glandular system to a higher level of functioning
5. Stimulates circulation
6. It aids in the reorganization of the emotional energy and feeling that are tied into the body
7. Aids in breaking addictive behavior
8. Regular sessions accelerate the development of intuitive sensitivity and visualization
9. It can regenerate the neurons and their interconnections
10. It regenerates the nervous system
11. Clears the aura
12. Opens and aligns the chakras
13. Clears the sub-conscious mind from negative thought patterns

 It is excellent therapy for all stress-related issues, providing immediate relief and reduction of depression, fatigue, feelings of separation, loneliness, anger, fear and hostility, and many other conditions caused by a lack of balance and harmony in the body and mind, as it has a revitalizing effect on the immune and nervous system.

Gong therapy also is cleansing, releasing, healing and harmonizing on all levels.

All Healing Journeys can be enhanced by Gong Yoga Therapy.

  • The European Spine Journal revealed that the gong was helpful in accelerating the healing process of an acute ankle sprain.
  • In Asia, in the southeastern region, the gong is used in the psychiatric hospital to help with the patient's schizophrenia.
  • Dr. Peter Hess in Germany concluded that the sound of the Gong was an effective approach for working with psychotic patients.
  • Dorita S. Berger recounts that no musical instrument seemed to have an effect on her four year old autistic patient until he heard the gong.

"The Gong is the first and the last instrument for the human mind. There is only one thing that can supersede and command the human mind--the sound of the Gong. It is the first sound in the universe, the sound that created this universe. It is the mind, the sound of the gong is like a mother and father that gave It birth. The mind has no power to resist a gong that is well played."
Yogi Bhajan