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Shabad Hazare

When: Sunday, May 29th

Where: Mia Yoga Montclair

Time: 4:00 pM ~ 6: 00 PM

Cost: $20 + a flower

(as a love offering to the Beloved)

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This meditation practice is for everyone.

Yogi Bhajan gave us a priceless meditation with a mantra and a prayer from Guru Arjan Dev and a mandala, a sacred geometric pattern in which to sit together and with the power of the Shabd Guru, the Quantum Technology of the Aquarian Age, we can sing together and "Heal the Wounds of Love."


This is a gift that comes from the Sikh history. As we examine our own relationships to love and heal the wounds, we prepare ourselves to go forward with richer relationships and start them in a new way.

This meditation practice is meant to bring positive change to your current relationships (of all types) while removing past pains that have imbedded themselves in your heart and psyche.  This powerful meditation practice will open hearts to self love, and increase the capacity to love others.

*The Gong will be played afterwards to cleanse the subconscious and awaken the practitioner to a transcendent state of awareness

“Love brings us to life, gives us courage and inspires us to service and sacrifice. To live fully, we need to learn how to heal the wounds of love which we all carry. Shabd Hazaray is the “Shabd Worth 1000 Shabds.” It is the purest and most powerful love song ever written. This amazingly beautiful mantra will take you through that process of deep healing.”

“Our whole essence is a discipline and our highest point in discipline is to be in love with others and carry them with both our head and our heart.” “The fact is that if a person has not experienced the love of his and her soul within one self there is no chance that that person can go out and love.” (From March 20, 2001 and July 29, 1996 respectively.)