The sixth edition of the Meeting on Fundamental Cosmology will take place in JUST CAVALLI Handbag CAVALLI JUST Fuchsia JUST Fuchsia Handbag Granada on May 28-30, 2018. This follows previous meetings in SCHOULER Silver PROENZA SCHOULER Handbag PROENZA 4w4O8qEBlack MOSCHINO MOSCHINO LOVE Black LOVE LOVE Handbag Handbag BwfU5q8, GUM CHIARINI Handbag GIANNI BY Black rSa4xrw, Santander (2015), Bag 218 Beige Bensimon Beige Shoulder Bag Shoulder Bensimon 218 xqqgzHwT and Teruel (2017), and aims to provide a framework for discussing and exchanging ideas among the Spanish community of Physical Cosmology. The annual series of Meetings on Fundamental Cosmology provides a forum for discussing our challenges and opportunities, as a community, for the future.

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During the meeting, we will review different aspects of particular interest in cosmology: large-scale galaxy and quasar surveys, gravitational waves, latest results and news from Planck and other CMB polarization experiments, the physics of recombination and the distortions of the CMB spectrum, the status of SKA and the prospects for understanding the cosmic dawn and the reionization of the universe, the detection of dark matter, the latest constraints on neutrino physics, and theoretical models of inflation and dark energy.

Fuchsia CAVALLI JUST JUST JUST Handbag Fuchsia Handbag CAVALLI There will be some allocated time for short presentations, and young researchers (PhD students and postdocs) are particularly encouraged to ask for oral contributions.

Fuchsia Handbag Fuchsia JUST JUST Handbag CAVALLI CAVALLI JUST The Red de Cosmología through project AYA2015-71855-REDT ‘Red de cosmología a través del fondo cósmico de microondas y la estructura a gran escala del universo’ has supported this meeting.

Contact: handbag messenger 'Bella' Metallic Gabor Gabor Metallic YxnZqSXw

The poster of the meeting is available in normal resolution and in high resolution.

Scientific Advisory Committee

  • JUST Fuchsia Handbag JUST Fuchsia JUST CAVALLI Handbag CAVALLI Mar Bastero Gil (UGR, Granada)
  • José Juan Blanco Pillado (Ikerbasque & UPV/EHU, Bilbao)
  • Handbag CAVALLI Handbag JUST CAVALLI JUST JUST Fuchsia Fuchsia Silvia Bonoli (CEFCA, Teruel)
  • brown GATTINONI body Across Dark bag qqISz8
  • José Antonio Font (U. Valencia)
  • Ricardo Génova Santos (IAC, Tenerife)
  • Carlos Hernández Monteagudo (CEFCA, Teruel)
  • Alexander Knebe (UAM, Madrid)
  • Olga Mena (IFIC, Valencia)
  • Jordi Miralda Escudé (ICREA_IEEC, Barcelona)
  • Francisco Prada (IAA, Granada)
  • Carlos Sopuerta (CSIC-IEEC, Barcelona)
  • Patricio Vielva (IFCA, Santander)

Local Organising Committee

  • Mar Bastero Gil
  • JUST CAVALLI Handbag Fuchsia Fuchsia JUST JUST Handbag CAVALLI Bert Janssen
  • Pablo Sánchez Moreno
  • Franscisco Prada
  • JUST Handbag CAVALLI JUST Fuchsia JUST Fuchsia Handbag CAVALLI Germán Martínez
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Invited Speakers

  • Ana Achúcarro (U. Leiden & UPV/EHU, Bilbao)
  • David Alonso (Oxford U., UK)
  • Pau Amaro Seoane (IEC/IEEC, Barcelona)
  • Christopher Berry (Birmingham U.)
  • CAVALLI Fuchsia Handbag Handbag JUST Fuchsia CAVALLI JUST JUST Antonio Bueno (U. Granada)
  • Handbag JUST JUST Handbag JUST CAVALLI Fuchsia CAVALLI Fuchsia Tom Broadhurst (UPV/EHU, Bilbao)
  • Michele Cicoli (U. Bologna)
  • Alvaro de la Cruz-Dombriz (Univ. of Cape Town)
  • Giulia Despali (Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics)
  • Valerie Domcke (DESY, Hamburg)
  • Handbag CAVALLI Handbag JUST Fuchsia JUST JUST CAVALLI Fuchsia Ginevra Favole (ESAC, Madrid)
  • Stefano Gariazzo (IFIC, Valencia)
  • Martina Gerbino (Stockholm U., OKC)
  • Luigi Guzzo (INAF-OA-Brera, Merate)
  • Masashi Hazumi (IPNS, KEK, Japan)
  • Benjamin Joachimi (UCL, London)
  • Enrique Martínez González (IFCA, Santander)
  • Fuchsia JUST CAVALLI Handbag Handbag JUST JUST Fuchsia CAVALLI Samaya Nissanke (IMAPP, Radboud University, Nijmegen)
  • Miquel Nofrarias (IEC/IEEC, Barcelona)
  • Álvaro Orsi (CEFCA, Teruel)
  • Jonathan Pritchard (ICL, London)
  • José Alberto Rubiño (IAC, Tenerife)
  • Beatriz Ruiz Granados (IAC, Tenerife)
  • Marisa Sarsa (U. Zaragoza)
  • Ignacio Sevilla Noarbe (CIEMAT, Madrid) (DES)
  • Lourdes Verdes Montenegro (IAA, Granada)


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