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If you're one of the millions of people in the UK living with an impairment, this site is for you. We've brought together a wealth of information and advice on how you can use the phone, internet and TV to carry on doing everything that's important to you – whether it's staying in touch with friends and family, keeping on top of your bills or watching the latest blockbusters.
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Handbag LISA C C BIJOUX Green LISA Understanding impairments

If you or someone you know has an impairment, discover more about the impact it can have on day-to-day life, and how BT can help.
Over your lifetime your hearing changes naturally – so it's perfectly normal if you think you've noticed a difference.
Almost one person in 30 in the UK is living with some form of sight loss.
Having a stammer, a quiet voice or no voice at all can make speaking on the phone a challenge.
LISA C BIJOUX Green LISA Handbag C Your ability to move around can affect how you communicate.
Reduced dexterity can make using the phone or a keypad a challenge.
Once you've mastered the basics, you'll find that modern technology can make it easier to stay in touch.

I want to know more about:

Find out how to make it easier to use the phone.
Open up the amazing possibilities of the digital world.
BT TV has loads of helpful accessibility features.
Browse our range of helpful guides.

Try Before You Buy

We have 'Try Before You Buy' centres around the country, where you can see and handle all our phones to help you find one that's right for you.


Join our community of social care professionals

BT products, services and accessories

We want to make communication easier for everyone. 

Choose the right phone

We've got phones to suit everyone, with features like big buttons, compatibility with hearing aids, call control – and more.

Services from BT

BT services to help people with a disability or impairment including blocking unwanted phone calls, controlling outgoing calls and using a power of attorney.

Helpful accessories

Our accessories can help people who have difficulty hearing the phone and getting around the house – as well as relatives caring for a family member who's not in the same room.

We're here to help

Go to our Help and support section for tips and advice on making this site easier to use, using our services, understanding impairments, and contacting us. To get in touch right now, use the Email, Chat or BSL links.
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More from BT Including You

  an "AbilityNet Accredited Plus" site


Find events where we’ll be showcasing our products and services.

Look who’s talking

Interviews with experts on the latest technology and ideas.

Jargon buster

Not sure what something means? We can help.

Documents and downloads

Download our helpful guides as pdfs or ebooks.

Getting online

Use your skills and experience to help someone get online.

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