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 Grace by Snatam Kaur  $17.99  $16.99
Grace by Snatam Kaur play

  $17.99  $16.99 
Shanti by Snatam Kaur play_button.jpg

celebrate peace  $17.99  $16.99
Celebrate Peace play_button.jpg

 live in concert  $19.99  $19.50 
Live in Concert
  CD+DVD play_button.jpg

 essential  $17.99  $12.50 30__off.gifA.png 
The Essential

$17.99  $16.99 
Divine Birth
by Snatam Kaur play_button.jpg

  Circle of Light $17.99  $16.99
Circle of Light
by Gurudass

  silentmoonlight130x.jpg $17.99  $16.99
Silent Moonlight
by Gurunam Singh

  Ocean By Mirabai Ceiba $17.99  $16.99 

 by Mirabai Ceiba   

A Hundred Blessings by Mirabai Ceiba 

$17.99  $16.99 
A Hundred Blessings

by Mirabai Ceiba

   Music and Mantra $17.99  $16.99 
Mantra Meditation
by Shakta Kaur   

  kundalinimantras_maya_200.jpg $17.99  $16.99 
Kundalini Mantras 
by Maya Fiennes

$17.99  $16.99 
Game of Chants by Guru Singh & Seal play_button.jpg



Mantra Masala  $17.99  $16.99 
Mantra Masala

by Sada Sat Kaur  
play_button.jpg new-clipart.png

    Lightness of being $17.99  $16.99 
Lightness of Being 

by Satkirin Kaur 

  adhara.jpg $17.99  $16.99 
Adhara By Nirinjan Kaur play_button.jpg new-clipart.png

 listen.jpg  $17.99  $16.99 
Listen by Sat Kartar
play_button.jpg new-clipart.png



 awakeningintuition.jpg  DVD  $.21.99  $20.99 
Awakening Intuition 
by Gurutej
  Kundalini Yoga for Balanced Chakras by Gurutej Kaur  DVD  $.21.99  $20.99 
Kundalini Yoga for Balanced Chakras
play_button.jpg new-clipart.png
 Kundalini Yoga - Gurmukh by Gurmukh  DVD   $18.95 
Kundalini Yoga with Gurmukh 
   Kundalini Yoga for Mental Clarity by Gurutej Kaur  DVD  $19.95 
Kundalini Yoga for Mental Clarity
play_button.jpg new-clipart.png

 Weight Loss with Kundalini Yoga by Nirvair Singh  DVD  $19.95 
Weight Loss with Kundalini Yoga  new-clipart.png

Courage, Creativity & Willpower - 3 DVD Boxed Set by Maya Fiennes  3 DVD 
BOX SET $28.95 
Kundalini Yoga WITH Maya Fiennes


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  enchanted.jpg  $17.99  $16.99 

by Gurudass  
 anand.jpg  $17.99  $16.99 

by Snatam 

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At Music for the Soul® we are fully committed to the support and development of Kundalini Yoga and to supporting students and teachers nationally. Here we gather a hand picked selection of the best mantra music and songs to enhance your daily practice.
You'll find Gurmukhi and Sanskrit mantras, with sweet melodies ideal for yoga, meditation and/or simply listening while uplifting your spirit. Some are in the style of classic Indian music, others world fusion, and even some with a taste of a more Western style ranging from rock to pop and blues.

If you are a student/teacher of Kundalini Yoga you probably have heard these songs and mantras in class. Now you can select the ones you like the most, give a perfect gift to your loved ones and friends or perhaps add to your collection the mantra music you are planning to use in your next 40 day meditation.

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