Path to Prosperity 
The Tree of Life

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Series of 6 weekly classes: Friday's 6:30pm

Beginning on Friday, July 8th 

Location: Sat Nam Home Yoga Studio

410 Valley Rd apt 3 Montclair NJ 07043


Cost: $ 145

Pre- registration $125

Save $20 by registering before June. 21st


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What is the art of creating abundance in my life?

How do I open the door to prosperity?

What can help me create the flow of prosperity?


When one door closes another opens.  Be open and you can benefit from wonderful things. But change is a part of life and with each day there is a chance for soul searching, thinking about what we really want. Each dawn brings to us a chance to push ourselves towards a brighter future and happier days.

This series approach will allow you to quickly and concisely become aware of your own inner ability to become prosperous physically, mentally and spiritually.


Dis- ease is lack: lack of health, lack of happiness, lack of inner peace, lack of flow, lack of abundance. Wellness is to prosper; to be "pro-spirit," to live to your fullest potential, to express your birthright as a healthy, happy, holy and successful human being. 



Dynamics as follows:

  • 2 hours class every week.
  • A group meditation given by Yogi Bhajan to practice weekly for prosperity.
  • You benefit from a powerful group energy which supports everyone's goals.
  • A powerful meditation (3 min.+) done at home during 40 days while series lasts.
  • New tools each class to activate prosperity in your life.
  • Sets of exercises to remove energetic blocks, deposits and old anger in the body which prevent the natural flow of energy.
  • A better understanding of the universal laws of prosperity: The Universe does not pick and choose who should or should not be prosperous. Prosperity is your Birthright!
  • Visualization work.
  • Naad Yoga- the science of sound vibration to help you align your rmind with the natural flow of abundance in the universe.

Take a quantum leap on your path to prosperity, re-define prosperity and understand the universal laws that rule prosperity in your life.


With your registration The Eight Human Talentsyou get a wonderful Kundalini Yoga book with the tools you need to increase your creativity, intuition, compassion, health and prosperity.

The 8 Human Talents by Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa.

You will refer to this amazing book for years to come. 


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"Be light, then you can be bright.

Then things will happen to you,

you will become rich, you will

become prosperous."  

~Yogi Bhajan