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Akalsukh Singh, a K.R.I. (Kundalini Research Institute) Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and member of IKYTA (International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association) is recognized by Yoga Alliance. Prior to becoming a certified Kundalini Teacher he journeyed on many spiritual paths, including teaching catechesis in a remote village of a South Brazilian Island.

Later he studied parapsychology in Brazil at IPAPPI (Instituto de Parasicologia y Psicotronica), as well as metaphysics at the University of Metaphysics International and The Science of Universal Kabbalah in NY.

Akalsukh has been practicing meditation for years. He knows that this practice is essential to develop the real You, a true and magnificent spirit.

He has manifested the adventurer spirit by having traveled extensively, living in many places such as Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina and the USA all the while learning from his experiences.

He incorporates the yogic lifestyle in his classes and programs. With timeless devotion to the spiritual teachings, he will be the guide, motivating to push you past your limits so that you may connect to the incorruptible principle which is your true essence: Sat Nam.

He has graduated from the first module, "Conscious Communication" and second module, Authentic Relationships of the Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. He also is joining the Aquarian Teacher Academy and will be soon offering Teacher Training.

In Kundalini as in any other serious spiritual practice self-discipline is very important. The emphasis is in the attitude and intention one builds toward the teachings in everyday life. As the teachings are one’s ultimate experience of The Truth, wisdom develops within. The power of transformation is beyond a package of knowledge, titles and certifications.




You may ask what led me on this path of Yoga…
Here is my story:
As a teenager I knew I was different, I craved something more out of life. Deep down inside I knew that life had to offer more than a mundane routine of school, work, nourishment and sleep. Therefore I sought answers but I didn’t know exactly where to look so I turned to reading.
One day while still in my teenage years I bought a book about Yoga and began practicing daily. There was no outside influence pushing me toward Yoga because no one around me practiced it. The influence or "guidance" came from within.The first breathing technique I learned was long deep breathing used to calm oneself. I incorporated this breathing technique early on in my teen years and continued to do so until this day. The teenage Yoga experience did not last for long as it was out of my reach, therefore after practicing it for a short period of time I stopped and the book remained on the shelf.
Throughout my adulthood I continued to question the meaning in life. I experienced an internal yearning for more. No matter what I experienced the yearning remained; I partied, studied, experimented. As I grew older I continued to search for answers.
I attended my first Yoga class in my thirties. I was looking for that connection between body, mind and soul; with all the training in diferent paths, it seemed that something was still missing, and  Kundalini Yoga gave me the technology and support to achieve that balance.


Today I continue to grow every day, expanding my perception of life,

merging my ego with the infinite wisdom as an ongoing process, but there's no more searching, there's nothing else to search, instead there's a surrendering process to what is, to the infinite aspect of my existence which is the real Self. A journey of simply be and serve humanity as an instrument of universal harmony. For serving is the highest vibration a human being can reach, the highest yoga, the finest expression of universal love.

The Aqauarian Teacher 











































Make yourself so happy, that by looking at you,
other people become happy." ~Yogi Bhajan
   lotus_25x15.jpg The meaning of the spiritual name Akalsukh Singh

 I would like to explain first where the name comes from.

 Yogi Bhajan first started giving spiritual names in 1971.

"The power of sound vibration Naad Yoga, or what Yogi Bhajan called the 'sound current' vibrated and echoed in our ears. 
This sound current together with the meaning of our name, reinforced our spiritual base, and helped us to live in more meaningful and conscious ways. Our spiritual name became a tool, which daily touched our hearts, impactfully scripted our words and delicately influenced our actions, transforming us and releasing us from the insecurities of the past." 
-- Nirinjan Kaur (Yogi Bhajan's Chief of Staff)

A spiritual name reinforces and accelerates your progress to your highest destiny. It challenges you to live in highest consciousness and awareness and blesses you to continually relate to your divine self.  Yogi Bhajan used to say, “We are not human beings looking for spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”   Your sacred name is one of your first steps in leaving past patterns behind, taking a new direction, and embracing your spiritual identity.

lotus_25x15.jpg Akalsukh Singh the Lion of God who dwells in a
realm that is beyond time and space, and whose
 soul is filled with peace.

Akal means beyond death, beyond time and space. Sukh means peace. Singh means the Lion of God who walks with grace and courage throughout his life. Singh is a name that Yogi Bhajan gave to all men. He taught that every man has the potential to attain a true state of grace and courage, and he encouraged each man to manifest that potential.

Receiving the name Akalsukh Singh means that you can
go beyond the limitations of time and space and
dwell in the infinity of your soul. You can relax
and be at peace, because God is taking
care of everything.




"Reality which has no royalty is not reality. And royalty which does not have forgiveness has no right to exist. Existence which does not have discipline cannot deliver. That delivery is the measure of personal happiness, and it needs discipline in every facet of life." ~Yogi Bhajan

I am infinitely grateful to my parents, teachers, friends, students, humankind, life’s circumstances and experiences as well as its challenges and joys. I have the fullest understanding that there is no better teaching than that of one’s own spiritual path. 

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