Come Celebrate the Full Moon, in a safe and uplifting environment.FullMoonCircle.jpg

 When:: Thursday, November 10th 

 Where:: AquarianYoga

 Start time: 7:00 pm
 End time:  9:30  pm
                Pre-registered $20  At the door $25    Registration is required to save your spot.

The event will start with a short  kriya.

We’ll be practicing a simple, yet amazingly powerful ritual and meditation. 

Full Moon

Full Moon is an  extremely auspicious  day for spiritual practices.You are naturally accelerated on a full moon. You are at your highest energy level. The secretions in your body will be at their maximum.

The Moon exerts much influence on the psychic activity of humans. In astrology the Moon represents the imaginative and reflective side of a person and is linked to the subconscious mind.

ball.jpgThe Moon rules the pituitary gland, master of the glandular system, which in turn is linked to the akashic record- the part of the collective psyche where everything that has ever been is recorded. Actually the Moon center, or pituitary gland, controls the whole reproductive process. Our sexual force constitutes ninety percent of our immune system energy, and that force is ruled by the Moon. The mastery of that force can contribute to spiritual growth...

Anyone who takes the phase of the Moon under consideration in any spiritual operation will have nothing but success.

∞ We start with a pranayam and short kriya (breathing exercise and yoga set)

∞ A new meditation will be introduced at this event.

  This event will be topped off with a wonderful long Gong Bath!

Gong Yoga has profound healing abilities. Immediate effects are common, since blood circulation is increased to bring in fresh nutrients, and will continue healing for days after the class. Students participating in multiple gong classes accumulate the most healing benefits. Eat lightly two hours prior to the session.

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It starts promptly at 7:00 pm and ends around 9:30 pm. Then enjoy Yummy Yogi Tea and the loving company of the sangat...Feel free to bring a healthy vegetarian snack for sharing.

 However, this day of the Full Moon or 11th Day of the New Moon is particularly good for fasting on lemon water with sweetener (maple syrup or raw sugar) because the secretions in your body will be at their maximum (thanks to the magnetism of the moon). You may not want your energy being used to digest food ... save your energy to reconstruct yourself. Try to drink only liquids on this day. Or, you could eat very lightly and drink the lemon & water.

 What do people say after a Moon Celebration?

"The Full Moon celebration is a very healing and restorative experience. Afterwards, I felt a sense of positive energy and well-being, a connection to the Universe and to community. The event offers a safe, caring and beautiful atmosphere in which to let go of anxiety, pain, or negative thoughts and welcome a fresh, new, positive outlook. Sharing this ceremony with others under Akalsukh's guidance on the night of the Full Moon was an experience I will always treasure."  ~Kathryn K

"This event was a great spiritual experience surrounded by wonderful positive energy that was given off by everyone who attended. The environment was warm, nurturing and friendly. I left feeling free of negative emotions and connected with my own spirit on a higher level. Can't wait to do it again." -MB

"I experienced a powerful release, so gentle and loving that there is no doubt I would want to let go of more! More of what simply does not serve. The group dynamic offers support and opened me to the diverse experiences of the others in the group. When the ceremony was complete there was an unsaid bond, a joyous connection of our highest form of ourselves. The gong was magical as I felt all the cells in my body dancing to the vibration. It is now 3 days after the meditation and ceremony and I continue to carry the bliss and feel the cleanse and rejuvenation."

"That was my first time participating in full moon ceremony & meditation. It was a very pleasant experience, source of inspiration & wisdom to my spiritual growth."

"Last night's Full moon ceremony was powerful. I enjoyed the company of the group meditation, breath work, and chanting. The energy was healing. It was as if my heart was being massaged in this sacred space. In fact, it was."

"It's enlightening!"

-Maria Elisa

...then we asked:  What do you take home with you from this gathering/meditation?

-"I took  with me a sense of peace and calmness. I enjoyed the group meditation and all those who participated."


OPEN heart ... and CREATIVE mind
Sense of tapping into my true being ...
and power."


-"I love the community. Meditating with a group helps solidify the experience. Peace of mind."

-"Knowledge and release."

-"Peace! sense of happiness."

 -"Peace and calm."