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a complete in depth study of your personal chart.
  Amazing - Rita Hall (Cedar Grove, NJ)
Thank you Akalsukh for this wonderful
tool,the accuracy is surprising. But the best of all is that provides the exercises and meditations to work on what I need.
many blessings!!

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It is a beautifully designed study, it describes in depth the ten bodies and its correspondency with the chakras and the Ten Gurus, include a detailed explanation of the five positions or aspects.

a- A deep and complete interpretation of your numbers in each position.

b- A personalized guide with recommended Kundalini Yoga kriyas, meditations,
designed specifically for your chart.

c- You'll get a routine to follow in order to work on your weaknesses and to develop fully your natural gifts.

d- A 40 day meditation to breakthrough your limitations, and excel in your life.

a- Specific and powerful prayers and affirmations for you to use daily in the Aquarian Age.

e-You can feel free to email Akalsukh Singh with questions regarding your chart.

**As a bonus Akalsukh will apply his Kabbalah studies providing you a detailed insight of the influence of your primary planet.

Note: Upon your purchase, please email to info@aquarianyogacenter.com your birthdate. Example: MM/DD/YEAR

*Allow 3 to 5 days to recieve your EXTENDED NATAL NUMEROLOGY CHART via email in PDF.