Weight Loss with Kundalini Yoga
Weight Loss with Kundalini Yoga In Weight Loss with Kundalini Yoga, Nirvair Singh shows
you techniques to help you lose weight, and discover some
of the secrets of healthier living.

This complete program has four very effective and educational sections.

The first section is a 35 minute Kundalini Yoga series that will help you to
lighten up. It is clearing and releasing.

The second section has two self-nurturing and healing meditations.
It includes a 3 minute breath meditation that will allow you to remain
steady in the program, and a beautiful but simple 11 minute meditation
that will help you clear past events and reduce fear of the future.

The third section covers yoga-style walking and running techniques,
and the fourth section contains valuable information for a healthy lifestyle.

Playing time: 66 minutes
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