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Gong & Healing Touch Treatment
Gong & Healing Touch Treatment

$90 - $799
This treatment has all the benefits of a Gong Therapy
plus the benefits of a Healing Touch: an Ancient Yogic
healing and massage techniques as taught by Yogi Bhajan.
This treatment conditions the body, it is magnificent.
Afterwards a woman can expect feel noble, act royal and
look at the world through sovereing eyes.
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Gong Therapy
Gong Therapy

$25 - $299
The Gong therapy uses vibration to cover all
human frequencies and energy centers.
Produces relaxing benefits similar to meditation,
exercise, and breathing but without physical or
mental effort (gong does the work).
Recommended for releasing stress, clear negative
thoughts patterns and strengthening the nervous system.
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Gong Yoga Therapy
Gong Yoga Therapy

$65 - $499
The Gong Yoga Therapy requires your active participation.
Pranayam [breathing exercises] and kriyas [kundalini yoga set]
or asanas are used to prepare the body and mind for a deeper
effect of the gong bath. This session is tailored to the needs
of the client.
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Displaying 1-3 of 3 Found.
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